Tuesday, June 13

Bah! and Guideposts top

Today's pet peeve: people who open windows, and then go away, leaving hapless victims (ie me!) in the draught. Not impressed!

Made two attempts at a 4 ply charity tee - the first one fell off at the last minute, and being fairisle, I wasn't prepared to rehang it, and the second one was at the wrong tension, so got frogged. It was a hot and sticky night, and my patience ran out at this point! Better luck tomorrow!

Charity Tee Top - 4 ply version (standard machine)

Cast on 103 (107:110:114:118) e-wrap method. RC000
K 91 (101:112:123:133) rows
Cast on (e-wrap) to 92(96:100:104:108), K a row, cast on to 92(96:100:104:108) on other side, K a row.
K to row 150(165:181:198:213).
Mark st 26(29:30:31:37)
Cast off loosely.

The patterns are converted from the hand-knit pattern available here - where you can also find an address to post them to.

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