Monday, January 11

FO: fingerless mitts with flap



Fingerless gloves, with a flap to turn them into mittens. Might put a button or press-stud on the flap yet. Ran out of yarn otherwise the flaps would have been bigger.

Glove pattern from Kangamooknits, I improvised the flap myself.

A garter stitch scarf in some fun fur I purchased in a red mist in last year's January sales. Yes, I know. It was an excellent brainless project when I went through a bit of a "can't be bothered" stage a few months back.

The other patterns I used this weekend: The Knitting Fiend glove generator, and Tubular socks

Figured since all my larger projects are turning to poo at the moment, I might as well cheer myself up with small, successful things.

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