Thursday, November 7

Yarn vs machine gauge


Putting this up here because it comes up online a lot. The numbers across the top are the tension dial settings. It's a rough guide, as yarn density varies enormously! And you might break your wrist trying to get super bulky through a knitting machine. Try it at your own risk! Just saying...

More snowflakes have been crocheted. Think I'm up to 6 or 7 now.

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It's beginning to look a lot like...



These made from charts found online - I found my "99 snowflakes" book afterwards, of course! Just google "crochet snowflake pattern diagram" :)

Tuesday, October 29

If it seems too good to be true...

Whilst perambulating on Facebook I came across a website selling "too good to be true" knitted garments - amongst lots of very nice dresses and boots. There's a company called ChicV who seems to have many websites selling garments using pictures stolen off Ravelry. Kaffe Fassett was one of the designers (his famous autumn leaves coat) - even I recognise that one! Anybody daft enough to buy one gets a PRINTED design on thin material, if they even get their goods. I have to admit I was initially tempted, but the website has NO contact details whatsoever, and the search algorithm can't even distinguish between a dress and a skirt. If it looks like a fish, and smells like a fish...?! Shame on you, whoever you are! Have reported the site to FB - Wish is another one. They were selling them as  "buy 3 garments, get 4th free" . Yeah, RIGHT.

I'm so boring I've never knitted anything rip-offable, but I would be gutted if I ever found anything of mine supposedly for sale elsewhere. There's no substitute for handknitting!

Interesting blog post here, from a librarian who had the nous to dig a little deeper...

In happier news, I have knitted the back of my snowflake garment. Turns out when working lace, less is more in terms of holes. Took two further attempts but I am much happier with it now! Couldn't find a decent 6 pointed lace chart online so came up with my own. Am now working a sharktooth hem by hand (after the machine choked on the sequins). It'll be rad! :)

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Tuesday, October 22

And on...

Rosedale is complete and is just waiting for me to buy a zip. Hoping to pick one up at the Big Textile Show this weekend, where I am representing the Leicestershire Machine Knitters. Pop by and say hello! It's a super show with lots of crafts to interest - quilting, bobbin lace, sewing, block printing etc.

The spiral sock inches on, I am almost done on the first heel. I was debating ending the spiral soon but a friend has pointed out that the foot part will mostly be hidden in my shoe. She has a point!

Trying not to think about the carve up going on politically. P*ss up and brewery come to mind. That is all.

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Monday, October 7

Noro yumminess!



I defy any crafter to resist the deliciousness of these colours! Of course, there's the small matter of the white snowflake jumper to knit up first on the midgauge, then I can get the chunky out. So far it's not gone to plan - the lovely zigzag hem I wanted to knit on it is not playing nice (so I will handknit it afterwards), and the snowflake lace pattern I wanted to put on the border didn't work out, so I've settled on a simple zigzag. I've not completely given up on the idea though, I think it just needs to be bigger to have any definition. Lace is hand-manipulated on all but the standard gauge machines, of course, which leaves room for error.

Wednesday, October 2

Bits and bobs



Misty rainbow and burgundy socks made on the CSM.



Rosedale and spiral socks in progress. Two thirds of the last round of that sleeve is red after one of those pesky Noro knots, so a little tinking is in order because I suspect it'll bug me, and it'll be right on the arm scye. The spiral socks are fun but slow! I'm debating on when to terminate the spiralling...

Newsflash: in the back of "Think outside the sox" are some very useful instructions on various basic stitches. What I have been calling k2tog for forever, is actualy k2togtbl. Oops! Luckily I'm not too OCD about such things, but it's something to remember.

I'm not even halfway done on Rosedale and am thinking of getting 13 random skeins of Noro and knitting another one, but making it in intarsia stripes so as to make the most of those lovely slow ombre shifts. Hmm, a late autumn bout of startitis. The ravelry stash is at 98, below 100 for the first time in ages, and that includes 10 yarns destined for socks.

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Sunday, September 22

CSM socks

Made another pair of CSM socks this weekend at a CSM event in Kegworth, from a lovely hand-dyed yarn with twinkly bits in. Pictures when I take some! Not bad considering I had to borrow some ribber needles and a hooky tool, having left my tin of important tools at home. Whoops!

There won't be much machine knitting for the next few weeks - himself has decided to repaint the office, so the contents of that room are now in the knitting room, making it very hard to get to the machines! Hopefully it won't take too long, first coat went on yesterday. Blue paint gets everywhere!

I'm currently crocheting away on a single-bed size blanket using up yarn oddments. Knit for Peace are asking for blankets, 3' by 6' or 6' by 6'. It's warm work!

Friday, August 30

Almost FO: drip candle socks

These are so satisfying, I'm almost considering buying some yarn to make another pair! Hmmmm... think the idea is to use up oddments, haha..


And no, I haven't woven in any ends yet...