Friday, April 24

Slow progress...

The back stretching (IDD) finally seems to be working. Less pain when sleeping on my right side, and less immediate pain when I get out of the car. Might have to extend to a few more treatments, though.

I've signed myself up for a two-day weaving class in May, which means I really ought to get my derriere in gear and get the tablemats off the loom, because I need to warp up ahead of the class. Already purchased the yarn, just need to get weaving and free up the loom. But after a stretching treatment, all I'm good for is laying down on the sofa and crocheting. Can't even go to the gym afterwards. On the positive side, my kneeling chair for work finally showed up yesterday, so I have taken my chair back home, which will mean more progress in the craft room from now on.

Eddie the new cat is gradually settling in, although he's still pretty skittish. He's training us to keep the kitchen clean - he licks anything with food on that's left unattended. Going to be hard to retrain him he doesn't have to steal anymore. Hard to resist this guy when he's being affectionate, though:

Tuesday, April 21

Blanket policy

Because I've got so much Stylecraft Special yarn left, and because I seem to be in blanket mode at the moment, I've started another crochet blanket, this time using Attic24's wave pattern. I did start with my own variant (forgetting to look up how I did it before) - 4 tr, 4 dec tr, 4 tr and 4 inc tr didn't quite seem to lie flat so I started it again last night. I might have to investigate various wave structures when this is done. Trying to achieve the perfect curve!

I've also knitted 13 squares in the Noro hearts blanket.

Eddie the cat is gradually warming to us, I think. He seems to love his ball racer toy (a ball trapped in a track) - quite cruel, because it's impossible to remove that ball. The Cog's mum saved some balls from roll on deodorants, and he quite likes playing with those, too. He's still very jumpy to loud noises and quick movements, and farts like a trooper (always the silent but deadly kind, too). Last night he somehow stepped in his own poo, and then walked it onto my trousers. Gee, thanks!

Current mood: uncomfortable - have had 7 stretching treatments, and could lie on my right side for the first time in months. Finally, some progress...

Monday, April 20

Nottingham Show photos

Courtesy of Erica Thomson, she of the wire jewellery some good photos from the Nottingham Show. The back of my head appears twice, ha!

Glad someone took some as I forgot again, and Dennis' camera wasn't set correctly, so his didn't turn out.

It was a very nice day - I just wish someone'd repaint that hall a nicer shade than vomit green. Makes everything a very weird colour!

Thursday, April 16

Machine needles

If anyone needs them, I still have a quantity of machine needles as follows:

Singer 1200
Toyota 747
Singer 2300/2500
Some Passap needles

The sizes of these are here

Postage at cost, will post worldwide. Paypal preferred please!

FO: Socks and cat

Finished the crochet blanket. Debating whether to make it bigger, it's kind of square according to the pattern. Which needed FOUR not THREE balls of the silver. Enough of the colours to make a decent second blanket, so may leave it as is.


Three pairs of socks made at Nottingham:




Need to take better shots than that for the Etsy shop :)

And this little guy has moved in with us:


He's 10 months old, bitey, affectionate and has quite an appetite. Hoping he'll calm down once he gets access to the great outdoors. We called him Eddie - don't you think he looks like an Eddie?

Current mood: scared of the new kittycat - no, not really!

Wednesday, April 15

Bill King workshop, Crick

Had a great day messing about with my knitting machine under the expert guidance of Bill King. Thanks to Pat and all who helped organise it.



All in one bootee

Hand-manipulated feather and fan stitch

Turning a corner with a wiggle

All over cables

Two-colour slip stitch "cables"

Sunday, April 12

Nottingham All Knitting Show

Had a good day demonstrating my CSM at the Nottingham show yesterday, despite a shaky start - I defy anyone to find the event postcode anywhere online, thank goodness I'd put it on Dennis' website (I did just find it on the MKM website but only after some searching)! Made three pairs of socks which are awaiting grafting - the machine mostly behaved itself. Picked up some King Cole Bamboozle which is a lovely thick and thin yarn.

Friday, April 10

Dazed and confused

Sometimes, your mind is just not on the job. Knitting a 7th blanket square last night, I first spit-spliced two ends together (the colours either side of the heart) - luckily spotted that one before I got too far. Then I spit spliced onto the yarn tail - yes, the one at the beginning. I probably should have gone to bed at this point!

Went to look at a new cat last night, 3 year old Jess. A bit timid, but very sweet once we got her out from under the sofa. Going to look at one (possibly two - they are sisters!) tonight. Was hoping for a bright, confident, bouncy cat like Tom, but it's looking unlikely.

I miss him!