Tuesday, June 30

Using up oddments...

I have a great deal of trouble throwing away yarn, even if there's such a small amount it's hardly worth it. This weekend, I hit on the idea of making swatches for a local yarnbombing.


I also made these gloves - the white ones will go in the bin as I got the proportions mixed up. The Drops Delight got chucked - the gloves with rib were almost too tight to put on, and it doesn't bear up to grafting alas.


Trying to be organised, I laid out all the blanket squares:


And this immediately happened:



At least the cat appreciates my knitting and knows real wool when he sees it.

Friday, June 26

Raddle split

My loom (a Louet Jane 70) has a built-in raddle, with 5 slots to the inch. I drew up a chart of how to split up the warp ends. Thought it might be useful.

raddle split

My 'phone battery seems to have suffered since this weekend's jaunt using it as a satnav. A pity, as it's a Nexus 4 and involves some careful disassembly to replace the battery. Will have to think about this!

Thursday, June 25

FO: Crow Prints Shawlette

Not quite big enough to be a shawl, but it came out OK.


Yarn is actually a deep midnight purple, Babylonglegs semi-precious. Not bad for 41% of a shawl.

Wednesday, June 24


Counted the blanket squares last night, and somehow I have made 43 (and 44 is on the needles). Oops - and I just ordered three more balls of Noro, too. Oh well, plenty of yarn for a border.

Started a new shawl, loosely based on Crow Prints but this one has a heart design.

Ann Baker had a lovely cardigan on display in the main hall, somehow I didn't get a picture of it - it's knitweave on the Passap. I must have a go at this at the weekend!

Current mood: moody - back is not much better. I'm so tired of being in pain now!

Monday, June 22

Free pattern: All gauges easy ribbed hat

I already wrote midgauge and chunky versions of this, so figured I should complete the trio and add the standard gauge version.


In the picture, the red - green one in front is standard gauge and the other two are midgauge

Machine: Standard (midgauge : bulky)
MT = 4 or usual rib tension for yarn
Yarn: Oddments of 4ply (DK : aran)

Japanese version

Cast on 156 (108 : 78) stitches in 2x2 rib.
K 1 row, hang comb and weights
K 1 row circular. RC000
K 140 (96 : 70) rows MT
Transfer to EON on main bed; K 1 row
Break yarn, leaving length 2 x the width of the knitting
Thread through live stitches and take off.
Draw up thread, sew up top and mattress stitch side side, reversing this for the last 7 cm
Weave in ends.

Tip: I had trouble with dropped end stitches on the standard one, so use plenty of weight and be prepared to use the 7 hangers as you go.

Passap E6000 version

Handle up. Arrange 156 needles for 2x2 rib. Rack handle 1.5 turns so needles alternate, either fbfb or bfbf.
ss1/1, N/N, orange strippers, knit 1 row. Ss2/2 CX/CX, knit 1 row.
Rack 1.5 turns back to original position. RC000
K 140 rows.
Transfer to EON on front bed.
ss6, black strippers, knit 1 row.
Break yarn leaving length 2x the width of the knitting, thread through live stitches.
Finish as for Japanese version.

Sunday, June 21

Guild AGM, West Kingsdown

Had a fun day at the annual Guild AGM, apart from a minor detour (the satnav took us to a cul-de-sac about a mile early) and a major downpour on the way home - only lasted for the M25 bit though. Very achey since, a 4 hour spell in the car is clearly bad for my poor back.

Some pictures here of the competition entries - I especially liked the jumper with the scottie dogs. Bought some very nice buttons but resisted the yarn.

Friday, June 19

Cuteness overload


Or perhaps cuteness overlord as a new nickname? He wasn't cute this morning - even after I emptied the litter tray I could still smell he'd been there.

I love the crazy expression, he was actually just having a stretch in this shot.


Stretched out on the bed. Note the black spot on his tummy, which is heart-shaped - this is what gets me scratched, fairly regularly.