Tuesday, July 26

The black mix grigna skirt: a better photo


It's a little sheer, so I need to dig out or obtain a black slip to wear under it I think. Very pleased with it though! First time I've had chance to wear it as it's been too muggy lately to consider anything as warm as opaque tights!

Apologies for the ugly background but it's got the biggest mirror I know! :)

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Monday, July 25

Busy weekend

Well, I thought I'd better do something with the two half-hour shawls, and a poncho/shawl wasn't really doing it for me, so with the help of the sewing machine, I turned them into another skirt:


After a very hot nordic walk last week, I decided I needed a water bottle carrier of some sort - I made this one, but without the wadding:


And using up some leftover fabric made another shopping bag:


I've dabbled in a bit of handknitting lately, and the carpal tunnel seems to have cleared up a bit, so I've started the heel on the cable socks I started in March. I'm still plugging away at the cross-stitch, but keep making mistakes, I only hope I'm going to have enough thread to take the wastage from the mistakes into account!

Yesterday I drafted a shorts pattern from Lutterloh, hoping to make a toile this week of them. I've not had great results with trousers before, I think it can be quite tricky fitting them.

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Tuesday, July 19

FO: T-shirt


We're having a bit of a heatwave - the car read 31 degrees yesterday afternoon (and it didn't drop much once I got on the road). So what's a girl to do in hot sticky weather? Get out the sewing machine, of course! I was very keen to try out the Lutterloh patterns so fixed on no 35, which is a simple V neck tshirt made from four pieces - a back, front and two facings. There were some incidents with the sewing machine sewing the knit fabric into the machine, but I think I cracked it eventually. Full of mistakes and a wonky bit by the neckline, it fits really well, and no I didn't do a toile. I seem to have scads of this white t-shirt type fabric and no recollection of when I bought it!

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Monday, July 18

FO: Skirt and mini-write up

So I had a lovely week at Metropolitan with Tony Bennett. There were about 10 of us, and the first two days he showed us some interesting hand-manipulated stitch techniques, ways of casting on and off with doubled yarn, and his flat seaming technique. He also showed us some amazing garments, most of which are constructed from fairly simple shapes. I almost decided to make the long cardigan - four rectangles, one with a bend in - but then decided on the skirt as I love knitted skirts and don't have many. Throughout the week he showed us more garments he'd brought (in case he didn't have enough!) and there were lots of "oohs" and "ahs!". Several of us expressed the wish to kidnap him and do a second week's knitting.

The BnB I stayed in was nice enough, but no kettle on the first night (a mistake) and no locks or bolts on the doors except for the bathroom. Luckily I had decided against taking my laptop, because I would have felt compelled to keep it locked in the car. Thursday night we went for a lovely meal at the Badger Inn, and I came back to find my door wide open (the handle was falling off and it didn't shut properly half the time).


OK, the skirt is finished - I had some non-rolling elastic (petersham?) and finished it off Friday night. The skirt is made from two straight pieces with hems (the basque) and four small "half hour shawl" triangles. Still not sure about the two silver pieces - it makes for a very heavy poncho, being 500g of yarn. I need to sew the edges to finish the fringing and have a think.

The sock yarn I got at Yarningham:


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Sunday, July 17

FO: Summer skirt and Yarningham

I finished this skirt yesterday:

Picture 038

Picture 041

Pattern is from "Make your own clothes" which comes with some custom pattern drafting software. I didn't make a toile and I didn't quite get the waistband correct (I was supposed to trim it shorter so it was in line with the curve of the skirt, and I'd sewn it all up by the time I realised) - comes from not reading carefully as there are photos of some of the steps but not diagrams for EVERY step. Anyhoo, it's a lovely cotton Marimekko fabric I picked up in Finland and makes a nice summer skirt. Accidentally overlocked a small hole in it but it's patched and almost invisible :) Oops!

Yesterday morning, my friend B and I popped into Yarningham:



Lovely little event with lots of lovely yarn and a fab cafe to boot. I picked up some blocking mats - the Knitpicks interlocking kind, I need to throw out my mat, the backing is disintegrating and leaves a mess on the bed, a proper hem marking ruler and two lovely skeins of self-striping yarn, for a pair of matching socks. Restrained myself from getting more yarn than that, as the carpal tunnel seems determined to stay with me - plus some Yeoman's Grigna followed me home on Friday as it is. Yes, there might be a top to go with the skirt yet! Watch this space!

The knit skirt is also finished but awaiting a photo. Today the Cog and I are just pottering around the house catching up on odd jobs.

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Saturday, July 16

Mini update

Had a smashing week in Cheshire with Tony Bennett at Metropolitan - inspiring knitwear and interesting new techniques. More later, I need to attend to Mount Washmore, but here's a sneak preview of the almost-finished things I knitted last week:


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Thursday, July 7


Well, what can I say? I'm still not doing any handknitting or crochet,  but when Knitpicks Felici sock yarn came back on sale, well....

I also treated myself to a copy of the Lutterloh system,  which is an interesting pattern drafting system using two body measurements and the golden ratio. Whilst there's only a few patterns for men and children, and I don't see myself sewing a complete dirndl outfit anytime soon (it's a German company), there are enough interesting things to keep me occupied I think. Have heard good things, so we shall see...