Wednesday, July 18

New Look 6517: shorts

Dragged myself out of the sewing doldrums long enough to make a start on New Look 6517 - a pair of shorts, squeaked out of the leftover navy and white birds fabric. They'll be a bit shorter than the pattern because of it, but, having started tonight, already I've only the waistband and hemming to do - a nice easy make! Need to dig out some elastic and some interfacing... I had to make size 22 because I've put on a few pounds this summer :(

I made a simple tuck lace scarf for the Manor House competition tonight, amidst much laughter from himself. "It's 27 degrees and you're knitting a scarf?!" Still, the joke's on him this week - his car kept overheating and has gone into the garage for a new expansion tank and thermostat. So only one of us is mobile at the moment!

No let up on the heat and lack of rain (apart from a 5 minute shower yesterday). I wonder when it's decided we're in drought officially? I notice the neighbour is watering their lawn every day despite advice not to use hosepipes - wondering if we can all drink their lawn when the water runs out? Hmmm...

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Thursday, July 12

FO: shopping bags


Made some more shopping bags. The patterned black fabric is actually music notes. Was determined to get a picture this time, seeing as I forgot with the last batch.

Tuesday, July 10

FO: Simple sideways crochet scarf


I made a row of foundation dc and then worked every following row as back loop only dc until the yarn ran out. The yarn is Hayfield Illusion bought locally and it was a 4mm crochet hook.

The Taos jacket crawls along slowly - I seem to be in the knitter's black hole with the first sleeve, it never seems to get any longer but will suddenly be too long I expect.

I made a start on a simple tubular scarf last night, on the KH260 - cast on 30 sts on both beds and knit until it looks long enough. Alas it was 27 degrees in the knitting room last night, so I gave it up as a bad job after about twenty minutes. Roll on cooler temperatures! Fed up of sleeping legs akimbo, like some badly-drawn space alien.

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Monday, July 2

Knitty weekend

Well, no sitting around bemoaning being a Grand Prix widow this weekend - I had a one day MK event in Crick on Saturday, and a one day MK event in Fladbury on the Sunday. I managed to knit three pairs of "frankensocks" (socks made from leftovers) which are awaiting sewing up now up in the Etsy shop. I did a quick demo of the KH950i but it wasn't great (and it didn't play ball for me anyway!). Luckily nobody wanted DAK because I am rusty on that.

Photos here: Crick and Fladbury

The heatwave is continuing - so ironic to be even thinking of knitting when the temps are in the high twenties! Himself is back tomorrow, so one more night to make the most of having the tv exclusively to myself.




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Wednesday, June 27

FO: Gold start mk ii



Mark 2 of the Bill King Gold Star, this time with sleeves tapered more sharply. I started with 8 rows of 3 and increased every 4 rows to 24 groups. The only things I'd change now would be to make the sleeves a smidge longer (maybe an inch?) and to work proper fully-fashioned decreases next time, so that it is easier to sew up.

I've one more cone of this yarn in the black/smoke colourway. Now, do I make a third cardigan, or a shawl? Decisions, decisions...

Oh and if anyone wants to see my Rome photos they are here. It's been even hotter in the UK this week, the car said 31 degrees yesterday. Wow!

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Tuesday, June 26

FO: Wrap dress


Simplicity 1653, Amazing fit dress, another magazine freebie. Looks like a wrap dress but isn't. Needs a press-stud to make it less revealing. Loving the fabric though!

Picture taken en route to the Vatican, after a five day break in Rome. Came back to temps even hotter than Italy! Nice break (loved the rooftop pool at the Radisson) but lots of walking, Rome is not a chilled out place. My feet are still hurting!

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Monday, June 18

FO: Bill King coat of many colours and some socks






The Drops Delight pair were started at the AGM, but some dropped stitches meant I had to frog the second sock. It dropped again but I think I managed to fudge it. Pesky socks! Ha...

Loving the Bill King cardigan - I modified the pattern by tapering at the start and end for a better-fitting sleeve. Now, if I could just figure out a way to knit it on the machine so that there's less sewing up it'd be even better!