Monday, September 18

Some more finished objects...

...this time, slightly better photographs. Though, the light is surprisingly not great even at 4.30pm now! Ack, I'm not a winter person, and despite the Cog keep saying "well, we might have an indian summer!" the temperatures are definitely downwards already...

...and in no particular order:

Purple socks begun some time ago and rose socks made as part of the demo during dream week.

The neat wave blanket progresses - it's still at that twisty stage.

Apols for the slightly odd angle, the finished midgauge sweater with woven details. Think I'd like to do this again but use a different colour for the woven sections, it's a little too subtle.

Completed tam, blocking around a side plate. Yes, my ironing board cover probably DOES need a wash...


Two shots of my beach bag design, which I might write up into a pattern to sell.

Went for a second game of badminton last night, and despite pre-booking a particular court, another group were already on it. I don't know how, because the evening peak slots are 40 minutes and all start at the same time, it is not possible for anyone to have a different slot - and they were there before us, and they were still there when we left. Someone's extracting the you-know-what I think. Next time I will stand my ground - I had a receipt, they didn't bother to show theirs. The game was good, but was nervous we were going to get kicked off court 5 at any moment. I like to do things by the book, utterly English, you know... :)

The staff don't "police" the courts (most of them have gone home I think) and the poor girl on the desk was overrun and not much help. Not a problem - court 5 was free - but we wasted five minutes queuing at the desk. Isn't it always the way, when there's a big queue, two people in front of you want to find out all about the gym joining options, or have some other, really complicated query. There's this thing called the internet, you know... you might try it?! Pretty sure there are leaflets, too.

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Tuesday, September 12

Photo update

These photos are a combination of a camera on fumes and low morning light. Oops!

Spiral tam, unblocked. Pattern here - it's ingenious! Alas I don't have the head for tams.

Crochet baby blanket

Shopping bags made from fat quarters

Yes, I may have gained more yarn last week. Oops, I did it again...

Sunday, September 10

Inspirational - Dream Week 2017

If anyone reading this is wondering why I haven't posted in a while, it's because I've been on holiday. One week in Centerparcs, then the last ever Dream Week (sob!), with the likes of Tony Bennett, Bill King, Erica Thomson and John Blakeman. Sorry that the competition photos aren't great, my camera wasn't too happy with the light levels in the room.

Proto-tassel and cord - Erica's class.

Logcabin on the machine - John taught two "spiral" themed classes, the other being Diana Sullivan's tam.

Gloves from the challenge yarn made into an entire outfit.

Tony Bennett's entry - bikini and poncho

It won't be running again, although we did talk about trying to organise something at another venue at some point. It will be missed, not least because it's the one week of the year I can show off my knitwear and it's appreciated!

Came back and started work on a sideways-knitted knitweave jacket - I've had to create my own graph using Knitware and the knit radar, as I could not match the gauge on my machine with that of the Karabee pattern. Having drawn it up on some paper I bought online for Lutterloh drafting, I then found some blank sheets for the KR. Oh well! So far I've done the back and 1.5 fronts. Having not done knitweave on the SK840 before, it's actually quite meditative.

I do have some finished objects to show, that will have to wait for another post.

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Wednesday, August 23

FO: Drop tunic (Madeit Patterns)

purple top

This pattern came free with a recent sewing mag, and was very easy to make.


Putting elastic in the shoulders made them buckle horribly, so I took it out and replaced it with iron-on interfacing (bias binding would probably have worked too). Also the twin-needle hem snapped almost straight away, so it was zigzagged instead. Otherwise, no mods. I might end up redoing the sleeve hems too as I'm a bit leery of pushing up my sleeves and it's an unconscious bad habit when the office warms up.

Would like to make the dress version of this too. Easy to wear. I was a naughty girl and didn't prewash the fabric, so fingers crossed it doesn't shrink. Made a matching skirt with the leftovers, but it surprisingly doesn't work well with the extra material at the bottom.

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Sunday, August 20

Beige blah...

See what I mean - peach and beige blah:


which now looks like this (apols for terrible pic):


I was actually further forward but realised I'd forgotten one shade of green, so had to frog an inch or so. Once each colour has been used once I'll be set I think...

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Tuesday, August 15

It's annoying... admit defeat, but I'm not happy the way the colours of my moorland blanket (crochet) are turning out - mostly oranges and beiges. I'm on row 14 ish and heartily wishing I'd bought the right yarn kit now. Oops. Oh well. Think I might frog it right back to the first rows, and knit it in a rainbow progression instead. I just need to work out what that is. Either that, or I buy the right kit - we don't really need two blankets.

In the meantime, I'm still plugging away at the baby blanket, which does not require any colour changes thank goodness - the yarn does that for me!

Bizarre dream about attending a works reunion, but sitting in the middle of the pub reading. Then deciding to go home - for some reason I had a cloth shopping trolley, which contained a full rubbish bin (!) - stopped at some public loos on the way home, and was accosted - which was enough to wake me up. Odd.

Eddie is in prodigal mode - would not come in last night, came in for breakfast this morning and demanded to go straight back out again. A large hedgehog was spotted on the lawn last night so maybe he has a new friend?

Sunday, August 13

Festival of Quilts

Decided I would take a trip to the Festival of Quilts show at the NEC. Some beautiful quilts on display, and very busy! Felt like somewhat of an interloper as I do not quilt. Nearly bought some neon bright fabric but talked myself out of it, of course I was kicking myself later because the shop doesn't sell online. Rats. Oh well, it was too loud for garments (yes, even for me!). Ended up buying two African butterfly hair clips and some convertible trousers. Oh, and some scissor charms. Lots of luscious fabrics, but I refrained.

Only downer of the whole day - not a single functional ATM at the NEC, and only one working one (the kind that charge you). Having spent £17.50 on a ticket, and £6 for a programme, not to mention £12 most would pay to park (I parked at work and walked over), I think a free ATM or two is the least the NEC can do. Very disappointing, especially as there were other shows on this weekend. Luckily for me, a stallholder took pity on me and gave me £20. According to another stallholder, I wasn't the only one unhappy about the situation. Oh, and the cafes were all rammed - ended up grabbing a snack at the Starbucks outside, where I could at least sit down.

Have made a start on the Neat Wave pattern, but using the pastel kit and not the recommended one. So far it's mostly pale orange and beige. Found it a bit tricky to start with, but after a while it's quite easy to tell if you've gone "out of synch" on the pattern. I charted it anyway:


T for a treble, h for a half treble, x for a double crochet. Couldn't find a crochet font and anyway this is clear enough...

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