Thursday, May 25

FO: reversible hats


Three reversible hats, I used this pattern here. Not sure why the site went offline. A great pattern to use up scraps.

Having a mini heatwave in the UK, hope it continues over the weekend!

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Monday, May 22

FO: Candy hearts lace socks and a mobile phone case

(apologies for the wobbly/blurry photo!)

Looks dorky off but fits the 'phone perfectly. 44 stitches and 60 rows of true 2x2 rib, this was my second attempt. It's hard to get cases for my mobile because (a) it's old and (b) it's a little bigger than an i-phone (Nexus 4).

My cat is a box nerd - every empty box that appears in the house, he thinks is for him. This one is especially funny, as he hides behind the flap, explodes in a hurry and the sound of the cardboard frightens him so he runs away upstairs. Totally hilarious!


Just look at that wild expression! Our cat is bonkers...

Watched "London has fallen" - dreadful film, and made me think of "Doom" (the arcade game) a lot. Still, it was lighthearted relief.

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Wednesday, May 17

FO: cabled CSM socks and skirt

First attempt at cabled socks on the CSM - after one damaged needle, we have a winner! Suppose I'd better knit the other one before I forget what I did, eh? Not used Drops Fabel uni-colour before, will have to see what it washes like...

Today I am vogue-ing it in the office with my newly-made wrap skirt in purple moleskin. Quite pleased with it! (It's 8956 if anyone's interested, can't find it on the website so I suspect it's discontinued).

Having an actual NEED to photograph some stuff being modelled in the back garden, it has NOT stopped raining since Sunday. Argh. Some photography trickery may be required soon...!

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Wednesday, May 10

Because I need more fabric...

Apropos nothing, picked up this pretty cotton (for just over £8) in Manchester this weekend:


I'm quite tempted to make this with it (from the Lutterloh set):


Monday, May 8

FO: Fiji necklace


Didn't get much crafting done this weekend, as we were away in Manchester for a wedding. I did get to visit Abakhan though, and I did finish this necklace kit when I got home on Sunday. It's the Fiji kit from the Spellbound Bead Company - I picked it up at the NEC show in March. Apologies for the poor picture, my smartphone camera is not great...

Could quite happily have stayed in bed this morning. Weird dream about meeting lots of cats I have loved in the past - I even got a hug from Gnasher!

Current mood: lethargic

Friday, April 28


I'd like to say that this year I've been mostly immune to startitis (the urge to cast on new projects and ignore works-in-progress). However, that would be a big lie! Last night I cast on 315 stitches for a cowl in the new Sirdar Colourwheel yarn, which is really nice. Learnt the thumb cast on in the process, thanks to youtube, so feeling extraordinarily smug today.

Whilst I'm on the subject, the pattern in question has a glaring fault in the accompanying mitten pattern. It says to knit 4 rows of stocking stitch after the thumb hole, but the photograph clearly shows it's about 12 rows not 4. All I can think is perhaps it was a question of leftover yardage from the cowl? I'm going to keep knitting until the yarn runs out, to be honest! But then I'm not planning on knitting any gloves with it!

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Monday, April 24

Some finished objects

I am continuing to be snotty but think I'm over the worst of the head cold. I sure hope so, I miss tasting my food. The Cog keeps making curries, bless him, and I can't actually tell how spicy they are...

The colours are a little off in this picture, they are more vibrant in person.

Both of these are my "new" sock recipe - 30 rnds 1x1 rib, K to R145 in 3x1 rib, K to R150 in stst, short-row toe and grafted.

Some fingerless gloves based on a pattern that came with Sirdar Colourwheel yarn - this is King Cole shine, and the sparkly bit is pink although you can't tell from this shot.

In other news, I really do need to stop reclining on the sofa. I keep falling asleep! I've knitted the component parts to Swirl, hopefully it's something like the correct pattern, which seems rather open to interpretation. Now I just need to figure out how to sew it up - it's not happening with Grigna, that's for sure!

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