Sunday, February 11

Probably not knitting...

cartoon skiier

Yeah, this is probably the first time I won't be taking part in the Ravellenic games (which run alongside the actual winter olympics). Knitting mojo is sorely lacking at the moment - the continued cold weather, aches and pains, and various other situations all contributing to my not really feeling up to it this time around. Never fear, I'm fine, just not really in the mood right now.

Good luck to all my fellow online ravthletes, though, and may you challenge yourself in whatever yarncraft you decide to compete with! Zippy the cartoon knitting machine wishes you good crafting!

Current mood: apathetic

Wednesday, February 7


Yeah, the winter of 2017/18 just keeps on getting better...

My grandma passed away suddenly last week. She was only poorly for the last week (and still active). The first anyone knew about it was a phone call asking us to retrieve our relative (!) as they wanted the bed back - now I'm wondering if she insisted nobody was contacted. Got her home to her bed and she had massive heart failure. Best way to go - pretty quickly - but still a shock for the rest of us. As to why I'm so sad, it's complicated. Let's just say there was a major rift, to which she was the bridge and the key, and leave it at that.

Current mood: depressed

Saturday, January 27


You know, you never realise that parts of your body have weight. You swan about with your fancy brain, doing stuff, kind of forgetting that without your limbs you'd be completely trapped and bored, and life would be completely different.

Yeah, I managed to tear something in my shoulder on the 17th, hefting my sewing machine into the boot of my car. It's a Husquvarna - it's pretty heavy, and I am an idiot. Because later on last week, I did a 4.5 hour stint on the knitting machine, and a gym workout, which has probably made the tear a bit worse - before I realised it wasn't just a sore muscle. Oops. Oops indeed.

So this weekend, earmarked for "end of January, bank account low, stay at home machine knitting" is going to be for something else. Tidying, maybe. Perhaps a jigsaw?

If anyone needs me, I'll be in the corner sulking...

Current mood: depressed and feeling dumber than a box of rocks

Friday, January 26

FO: birds top


Freebie fabric and a free pattern from a sewing mag. Very pleased with it, just waiting for the weather to warm up so I can wear it. Enough fabric to make a matching skirt or shorts possibly... Pattern is New Look 6344

Tuesday, January 23

More FOs: No pain, no gain




I had somewhat of a marathon mk session this Sunday, seeing as it was a snow day and I had the house to myself. Regretting it now though - when I got up, after about 4.5 hours of machine knitting, I could hardly stand (I had been sitting on my kneeling stool). My back is still delicate two days later, and I am walking around like a little old lady. I think I need to either invest in a standing desk, or pack machine knitting in. I'm not happy about that prospect!

Current mood: very, very sore

Friday, January 19

Better late than never...


I finally got around to getting a picture of this skirt, it wasn't even entered into Ravelry for some reason. It's two Tony Bennett half-hour shawls, sewn together with some elastic added. Pretty much one whole cone of Grigna was used (and most of the needle bed). The fringe is knitted at the same time by leaving a bunch of needles out of work at one end and then having one in work - that stitch is then dropped. I seem to have cut the loops and I've also done a line of sewing (zigzag stitch) along the fringed edge to prevent it ever coming undone. Yeoman's Grigna is a kind of boucle yarn though so it's not as prone as it could be.

I picked up a few more cones of this lovely yarn, they do single colours too (this is grey with white slubs) and I see more skirts in my future.

Himself is away snowboarding, and it's perishing outside, and my shoulder/neck/back are playing up again - I'm still not sleeping well and am fighting the urge to feel somewhat sorry for myself. I foresee a treat of some nice chocolate and wine after the gym later!

Current mood: sore

Wednesday, January 17

FO: Custom orders and some tube socks





I'm hoping to knit up some more tube socks for the shop, but I've got to get some custom orders into the post first. Excuse the rotten pictures, daylight only happens at the weekends for me at the moment! And weekends are too busy to remember to photograph things...

Current mood: busy (and pleased about it)