Sunday, August 20

Beige blah...

See what I mean - peach and beige blah:


which now looks like this (apols for terrible pic):


I was actually further forward but realised I'd forgotten one shade of green, so had to frog an inch or so. Once each colour has been used once I'll be set I think...

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Tuesday, August 15

It's annoying... admit defeat, but I'm not happy the way the colours of my moorland blanket (crochet) are turning out - mostly oranges and beiges. I'm on row 14 ish and heartily wishing I'd bought the right yarn kit now. Oops. Oh well. Think I might frog it right back to the first rows, and knit it in a rainbow progression instead. I just need to work out what that is. Either that, or I buy the right kit - we don't really need two blankets.

In the meantime, I'm still plugging away at the baby blanket, which does not require any colour changes thank goodness - the yarn does that for me!

Bizarre dream about attending a works reunion, but sitting in the middle of the pub reading. Then deciding to go home - for some reason I had a cloth shopping trolley, which contained a full rubbish bin (!) - stopped at some public loos on the way home, and was accosted - which was enough to wake me up. Odd.

Eddie is in prodigal mode - would not come in last night, came in for breakfast this morning and demanded to go straight back out again. A large hedgehog was spotted on the lawn last night so maybe he has a new friend?

Sunday, August 13

Festival of Quilts

Decided I would take a trip to the Festival of Quilts show at the NEC. Some beautiful quilts on display, and very busy! Felt like somewhat of an interloper as I do not quilt. Nearly bought some neon bright fabric but talked myself out of it, of course I was kicking myself later because the shop doesn't sell online. Rats. Oh well, it was too loud for garments (yes, even for me!). Ended up buying two African butterfly hair clips and some convertible trousers. Oh, and some scissor charms. Lots of luscious fabrics, but I refrained.

Only downer of the whole day - not a single functional ATM at the NEC, and only one working one (the kind that charge you). Having spent £17.50 on a ticket, and £6 for a programme, not to mention £12 most would pay to park (I parked at work and walked over), I think a free ATM or two is the least the NEC can do. Very disappointing, especially as there were other shows on this weekend. Luckily for me, a stallholder took pity on me and gave me £20. According to another stallholder, I wasn't the only one unhappy about the situation. Oh, and the cafes were all rammed - ended up grabbing a snack at the Starbucks outside, where I could at least sit down.

Have made a start on the Neat Wave pattern, but using the pastel kit and not the recommended one. So far it's mostly pale orange and beige. Found it a bit tricky to start with, but after a while it's quite easy to tell if you've gone "out of synch" on the pattern. I charted it anyway:


T for a treble, h for a half treble, x for a double crochet. Couldn't find a crochet font and anyway this is clear enough...

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Wednesday, August 9

Fame at last!

Hey, machine knitters - go check out Ravelry's front page eye-candy today. Six gorgeous machine knits featured!

And to those who say it's cheating - this from Bev: "My hands turn the handle, that winds the yarn, that goes to the machine, that my hands move the carriage, that knit the garment, that my hands sew up to warm the body that Bev has-la-la!" . Not to mention the choosing of the yarn, the swatching etc.

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Tuesday, August 8

FO: Kwiksew 3489


Finished this off on Sunday as it was so close to completion. Kind of ignored the pattern in a few places - placed the ties where I figured they'd work best and added some beads to the ties. Am wearing it today, despite the continued wet weather. There's also a halter neck top in leftover fabric. Pic of that if the sun ever reappears!

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Monday, August 7

Got my crojo working...

Whilst I still have my cro-jo, some interesting, not-in-the-books, crochet links.

Symbols – worth learning these, they are much easier!

Linked stitches

Foundation crochet – never start with a chain again!

Video - this one shows UK trebles

Magic loop – ditto, but for in the round

The recent amigurimi started in most cases with 2 ch, and then 6 dc were worked into the first ch - a less fiddly version of the magic loop, I guess.

My friend M explained a really cool crochet trick at last week's meeting. You pull the yarn out from the centre of the ball and create your crochet chain, to your desired length, plus a bit, ending with a big "pulled out" loop so it doesn't come undone. Then you use the "normal" end of the yarn to start the project. You can add more chains to the base if required, and you can also undo any chains not required. It's a revelation! Just wish I'd thought of it myself, haha!

Cast on for a beach tote, really ought to finish the baby blanket first though, seeing as according to Ravelry, it was started in March 2016. Yikes!

Edit: the linked stitches link didn't work (irony alert!) so I found another site... Sorry about that!

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FO: Cabled socks and hats from leftovers

I had some leftovers, so made these:


These have been finished a while, but I mislaid them. My own design:


Lesson learned - write down what you did the first time, otherwise the second sock won't match. Some yarn from Sparkleduck.

Over the weekend I finished sewing a summery wrap dress - watch the weather turn to autumn this week, ha ha. I also made a halterneck top from the leftovers, just put it together for fun. Pictures to follow.

Had a brief panic I'd lost my Knitpro softouch 4.5mm hook (even went online to figure out what colour it was) and discovered an unfinished zigzag baby blanket, which is now being worked on. Got some yarn on order, hoping it arrives today, for two more crochet projects.

Waiting on a stitch dropper, paid the customs charge on the 27th and still no sign of it. What gives, Royal Mail?! Not impressed! Redelivery in two working days, my behind!

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Monday, July 24

Finished objects




Hello! Sorry for not posting lately, I've been on holiday and have been busy. Plus I'm still remiss in photographing things, so there's not been much to share lately. Text-only blog posts are somewhat dull I fear.

We had a nice week in Albufeira, Portugal - but very hot! 34 degs C during the day and 24 at night, glad we were only there for a week really! Eddie the cat was very pleased to see us, after some mountaineering up the refrigerator (to help himself to food) the week we were away - apparently he didn't trust our cat sitters to remember to feed him! Must remember to put out a second dish of dry food next time, I don't really want him climbing. He's been very affectionate since we got back, it's only taken two years to get to this stage. This morning (after a night on the tiles) he made a point of greeting both of us (G was upstairs) before coming back down for breakfast. How sweet is that? Back to normal summer temps here, 15 degs and grey! Ha, the British summer!

I made a (very bad) patchwork shopping bag, and a "waste thread catcher", from some fat quarters purchased from Hobbycraft. Not sure I will get them there again, two or three of the fabrics were quite faded in places.


I've just finished crocheting two amigurumi Totoros, a kind of anime rabbit, for a work colleague whose wife is expecting twins soon. I've never made any toys before, but found it quite satisfying. Think I might like to make a pet cat!

In sewing class I've started a wrap dress in a slinky stretch jersey fabric. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

Had the strangest dream last night - it started out that G and I were skypeing with the Irish guy (Chris O'Dowd) from the IT crowd, as a female relative of ours was marrying a (clearly gay) male Chinese friend, whom Chris was staying with. Then it turned out that this Chinese family were looking after our beloved cat Thomas, and the next thing I knew, I was there, fussing and petting Thomas, and thanking the mother for looking after our Thomas-neko - who remembered me, and forgave us. At no point in the dream did I recall that Thomas passed away more than two years ago. Weird. Nice to think that perhaps he is being looked after, somewhere in the afterlife.

Current mood: - still got a slightly upset stomach from the holiday. Enough already!