Monday, August 22

Trials and tribulations!

Well, the pink mohair I was given is turning into a nightmare - I guess it's my own fault, I should have weighed it first. There's only 325g - an estimate - so not enough to make anything really!

Have started to make a vest top from "Simply Knitting", that is circular knitting. However, it will never fit me, so I'm not sure why I'm bothering. Think it might become a kiddie's jumper or something. It's my first ever stab at circular knitting.


  • You don't have to twist the first row to stop it curling

  • You never have to turn your knitting, so stocking stitch is easy

  • There'll be a lot less making up afterwards

  • Cons:

  • Knitting one round takes ages (because it's twice as long as a jumper)

  • The first row is a nightmare, esp. if you are using knitting needles that come apart on you - yes, I am!
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