Thursday, September 8

The MK working person's brick wall

Apols for not writing for a while - have been away and have also had family business to attend to (see my other blog).

Been playing cat-and-mouse with a course I'm trying to enrol on - finally spoke to the course manager today. They are enrolling today and guess what? She's currently had no interest in the evening course - so if they enrol me tomorrow I might well be the only one. Again, they are looking for new recruits! Should I have to wait until I'm retired before I take a course? I might not be able to see well by then!

So may well end up enrolling on the Cov Tech course anyway, although it means it clashes with anything I might want to do on a Saturday for the next two years.

It's such an uphill struggle finding anything MK-related that doesn't involve my taking a day off! bah!!

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