Tuesday, October 11

Blues jumper

This jumper was inspired by a Brother pattern, and done using holding position and a knitleader, because as you can see the wools are DK weight knops and poodles/boucles. I love the knitleader, it's so useful for knitting something you like the style of in a different yarn :)

The piping was done by returning all needles to upper working position, and working six rows in a "yarn" made from three different strands of 3 ply, then picking up the first row.

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Anonymous said...

Hi , Love the blue jumper.Thank you for the techie.I will now have to put
the Knitleader on my Xmas wish list.Why or what is the Brother pattern??Cheers

steelbreeze said...

It was a pattern out of Brother fashion knitting vol 7 - it's based on the one on the front cover.

I would definitely get a knitleader - it's so useful, it allows you to use a different yarn for a pattern - hey, I *never* use the right yarn! A lot of these patterns are 20 years old and you can't *get* the yarn!