Thursday, January 5

Socks and new group...

About half way down around the foot now. It's only the "excitement" of the variegated yarn that is keeping me amused. Such a low boredom threshold, I! Would have posted a pic, but blogger is playing up tonight - there's a pic here.

Joined a local knitting group, we meet at a nice little (smoke-free!) bar in Coventry - nice to finally have some company. I discovered I'm not weird in letting go the needle every stitch - must quiz Merkuria_Lyn about how she does it! :) Totally forgot to take any knitting, what a prize prat!

Mum's cardigan is finished, but the fronts curl terribly - guess I need to make that blocking board and give it a good go! I think it's acrylic so alas I can't use heat. I could really do with a tailor's dummy to block it on, now that it's made up. Bought some smashing sparkly buttons for it, v pleased with them, need to get my new sewing machine out to sew them on.

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jussi said...

I come from Gloucester...not too far from Coventry ;-) and I drop the needle every stitch too, I have tried other ways,as I know this is unwieldly, but old habits die hard.
Enjoying reading your blog