Monday, January 23

The UFO that will not lie down and die...

This is a picture of Tom, he thinks he is helping me sort out some of the mach-knitting patterns I've gained.

Finally washed the slip stitch cardi, and it looks a lot better, it curls a lot less than it did and the front bands lie flat now. However, one of the buttons has fallen off already. Not impressed! It's almost as if the knitting gods are determined this cardigan will take as long as is humanly possible. Got to play hunt the button, when I'm finished painting the bathroom tonight. Ho hum.

Look! A knitting hunk!

On the hand-knitting front, I think I might just re-knit the left front – the decreases are too close to the edge, and although it's not that visible in grey mohair, I know it's wrong! Currently knitting the back, the right front is done and is correct.

Current mood: annoyed

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