Monday, April 3

Jumpers and g-carriages

Made a jumper for the Lutsk project. I ran out of aran on the second side so made up some interesting combinations with odds and ends of DK together. The wool used is almost a personal history of my knitting - one side starts with the "jumper of doom" aran bought for a boyfriend's (and his toddler son's) jumpers in the 90s - he became an ex six months later. The other side incorporates baby blue DK from my first ever attempt at machine knitting - a dress, knitted from the centre of the ball, which came out as stiff as a board, but was worn proudly (I shudder to think of it now!) around Birmingham town centre on one occasion. Can't think what happened to it, I must have recycled it somehow. Also some green tweedy wool, from my first ever hand-knitted fingerless gloves. Ah, heady days!

The cuff curls a little, I didn't think to do a rib, so will probably add one later on this week, if washing doesn't relax the edge.

Other news! The G carriage is alive and well! After putting it away in disgust in December, I cleaned it a few weeks ago, hooking out some black fluff that had accumulated in it. Got a local expert (who used to run the training course I'm currently on) around to see to it Friday night - it behaved perfectly, apart from one dropped stitch. Relief and excitement abound - I want to try it out now!

Picked up five excellent MK books from Oxfam - thanks for the tip Kellie!

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