Monday, April 24

Knitty moan

I would love to knit two sleeves, and find that they both came out the same length. Once. Ever! By 9 last night I'd rehung one of them - then was called down to see "Sharpe".

Made serious inroads to the third piece of coursework, a blue fair-isle (the uneven sleeves, above). However, trying to make up the lace top has resulted in disaster. Might have to frog the whole thing back and start again - I refuse to submit sub-standard work. The lace seam thing has not worked out at all. One of those things - like communism - a good idea in theory, but the practice is rather different.

Want to finish up the cat afghan, and then punch a card for the "merge" colour. Also, bought handles - going to make my own knitting bag!

Finished my multi-coloured socks yesterday, and have started a second pair for G. Suspect I picked up DK wool by mistake - certainly seems thicker. After this, no more HK socks, I say! Must work on the MK toe-down pattern.

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