Friday, April 21

Shadows in the knit...

Shadow knitting - it reminds me of an ex's jumper. It was navy blue and teal green, it never occurred to me to wonder how the pattern worked.

You know you're a machine knitter when you analyse everyone's jumpers as to the method of their manufacture. Our safety officer has a black and brown jumper, that's clearly plated rib. I have to resist the urge to turn it inside out and give it closer inspection.

Simple eyelash yarn scarf
These are all the rage here at the moment.

On chunky machine, e-wrap 28 stitches. MT8. K as many rows as required. For my pink scarf, I used two 50g balls of Wendy Cosmo. It's so slippery that I fed it directly from the centre of the ball, which was placed in a bucket. One ball was enough to make a collar. Two makes a reasonable scarf, three would make it even longer.

I've lots of time for people that can knit this stuff by hand - it can't be much fun! And if you drop a stitch, you've had it! How would you ever see it?

Beginner's weaving on Saturday - looking forward to it. Might try and bake some cakes beforehand this time.

Dreaming of uses for shadow knitting. Now, if I could only figure out a way to automate it on the knitting machine... alas, I only have a 24 st punchcard machine. Still, it should be possible with the garter carriage...

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