Friday, May 12

Silver Reed experiments

Didn't get home early (we went into Brum for a Wagamama's - white chocolate and ginger cheesecake, mmmm!), but had a bit of a play on the electronic. Fair-isle is easy, as long as you give it time to refeed the pattern. Tuck took a few attempts before I realised I had to select negative patterning and get it to read the right pattern. Slip looks really great. Weaving? Not so keen - on my Brother the needles are preselected, allowing you to lay the weaving yarn over the needles. On the Silver Reed, you have to slip it behind a wire guard, which is not nearly as fast.

I want to try lace tonight! :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the eye candy.If you like weave knit , you should get the AW-1 Weaving Arm for the Silver Reed .It makes weave knit like fairisle, you just use the twoyarns and knit away.I have used on my ancient SK326

steelbreeze said...

thanks anon.

Alas, I had one a few months back when I was looking for the weavemaster attachment - I sold it on ebay, 'cause I didn't have the Silver Reed at the time. I can always do knitweave on the Brothers anyway, so all is not lost.