Friday, July 28

Freeform knitting, attic discovery and rug making

Well, Kellie showed us some amazing freeform knitting, and we all had a go at it on Wednesday night. We've each taken a bit home to work on. We were combining crochet buttons with knitting, casting off and knitting up the sides. It was kind of what I was doing for my knitting bag - and I have to say, making that was really enjoyable - just trying different stitches out and not following any particular pattern. It's also a great use for cone ends and odd balls of wool that aren't enough to make anything with.

Ideas for fusion knitting:

  • Use odd needles
  • Use fine thread and thick needles
  • Go from crochet to knitting or back again
  • Knit/crochet sideways
  • Use decreases or increases for interesting shapes
  • Use the double-wrap method for creating taller stitches in the middle of a row
  • Use tunisian crochet
  • Use interesting stitch patterns
  • Use old swatches (I've plenty of these!)
  • Anything goes!

Went into the attic last night for something else, and discovered I've also got the colour changer for the Silver Reed. Forgotten I'd bought that too! It'll be more use than the Brother one, as it's far quicker to create a mylar sheet than a punchcard. I love it when I discover things I'd
forgotten I owned!

It's still pretty warm here at the mo (in the low 30s) so found some old black wool and did a bit more on the rug. Peg loom weaving is really fun, and easy to do whilst watching the television (mind you, you've got to concentrate a little bit). I've three or more charity tees to sew up, but I've hardly been at home all week - we're on a health kick, so I've been swimming and gymming

Craft projects to complete:
  • Knitting bag - it needs some work, because it's wider at the top than at the bottom
  • Rowan bag
  • Mum's socks (yes, even machine knitters get second sock syndrome!)
  • Knitweave bag (took it off the machine so I could take it to the Godiva festival)

Craft projects to start:

  • Make a crochet needle case - my first attempt was too small, and needs a flap - the needles keep escaping
  • Make a bag organiser - I've swapped to a bigger bag so that I can take my knitting with me, and now I can never find my purse or keys.
Things to try:
  • Have a go at felting
  • Have a go at cut and sew
  • Have a go at hand-painting my own yarn
  • Have a go at multi-coloured slip stitch
  • Have a go at double jacquard

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