Wednesday, August 30

Future projects

As if I didn't have enough projects already in progress, I saw a lovely piano key scarf whilst I was in Antwerp. It was large as life in every H&M, but no sign of it on the shelves - I didn't see it on any people, either. I wish shops wouldn't advertise stuff if they don't stock something! So, an updated to do list (the original was in July):
  • Complete current projects
  • Piano scarf
  • Stars & stripes jumper - cotton?
  • Wrap cardigan (own design)
  • Dyeing (hand-painting yarn)
  • Felting
  • Felting using ladder-backing technique
  • Cut and sew
  • Double jacquard
  • Multi-coloured slip stitch

Regarding the 860 machine, I have to buy some spares for it. Both the 3x1 and 2x1 tool were broken - how on earth anyone managed to do that is beyond me. The sponge bar was flat as a pancake, I might keep it and have a go at making one as a spare. Have ordered over £50 of spares to make the machine complete.
  • Crochet needle case
  • Bag organiser

The bag organiser was knitted, mostly from the Noro Blossom yarn. Not sure how successful it is yet though - I think I should have made the pockets deeper and elasticated them. Serves me right for being in a hurry!

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