Thursday, August 3

Trying to stay positive

I just visited my college's website, and apparently there are now TWO MK courses - the one I'm apparently on is "Intro to MK", but there's also "OCN in MK", which is what I *thought* I was on. Alas, the latter requires 2 days a week minimum (no, they're not open Sundays).

BANG! There goes my head against the working person's brick wall. Again. Getting a large dose of deja vu - this is exactly where I was this time last year when I was looking into starting an MK course. The one at Willenhall was more convenient, because it was evenings, but it stopped running due to lack of interest. How come I pay taxes, but can't attend courses because of the timings? It's my taxes paying for these services, after all!

<climbs off soapbox>

Have completed the main part of the Rowan bag, and am now onto the strap. I'm sure I shouldn't speak ill of yarn that cost £22, but ribbon twist is basically roving and a ribbon twisted together with a very fine thread. Which means I'm having to work my ends in ASAP before they turn into, well, fluff. Pretty, sure, but impractical. Also, the balls fall apart at the slightest provocation. I've have many wool escapes lately. Why can't they make proper balls like everyone else?

Completed making a crochet needle case on the sewing machine - it's not brilliant, but it'll do for me.

Had first goat "felting" - correct term is fulling. Knitted a piece using Artika's colour merge patterns - dark brown to beige, and back to brown. Not my fave colour, but it was the only 100% wool I had to hand. Fulled it by tacking it onto a towel and washing it at 60 degrees inside a pillow case, then a cold rinse, and switched the machine off when it got to the spin cycle. I wish I'd remembered to take a pick of it beforehand, and measurements, but I forgot. Anyway, it felted really well, but is a bit buckled at the ends, I failed to latch up some long floats so that was my fault. Not quite sure what I shall do with it now.

Sewed up one charity tee top, then managed to do the next one wrong, so gave up (it was getting late).

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dancingbarefoot said...

Sorry to hear the course schedule doesn't work for you. I don't know what's worse: not having any machine knitting courses in the first place, or having them but not being able to take them.