Sunday, September 17

Woolly the wool monster

Apparently this is my new nickname. Managed to come back from the NEC with some hand-painted Opal sock yarn, some Fila felted stuff, and not enough sari silk - serves me right for trying to convert oz to grams in my head. Bah!

Made a start on the Colinette Lasso top, but alas, the lacy pattern is far too complicated for my slow brain. Only made it to row 9 and already I think I've messed up. Am planning on making a few tension swatches with the other ball, and converting the pattern to MK. Far faster and less prone to error methinks.

Bumped into a few colleagues from college at the show, J recommended I got my money back as "the qualification isn't worth anything anyway." Hmph! It's my money, and I shall do with it as I choose.

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