Sunday, October 15


Been a bit scatterbrained this week, one of my 12mm knitting needles managed to find its way into a friend's bag, so the Rowan jacket has stalled somewhat. Getting headaches again in the evening, so have not felt up to machine knitting - you need concentration!

Took the garter carriage jumper off, as there were quite a few beginner mistakes in it - didn't put the left hand gc monitor thingy far enough away to start with, so the pattern wasn't right at that end, and didn't use the green cams because I didn't realise what they were for - I don't have a complete set anyway, although I do have enough to get it knitting the end stitches properly.

Yep, I know - I should read instructions more carefully! Lol - I was always telling people to RTFM when I did the IT at work!

Done some more bits for my MK course - racked rib, tubular knitting (wasn't happy with the first one), made some bed-knob covers which I need to finish.

Popped into Wonderwool in Rugby, the owner is lovely! They ave just started a SnB at the shop - if it wasn't Wednesday nights, I could go! Botheration!

Time for bed!

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