Tuesday, November 7

Buttons schmuttons

Made myself a button - whaddya think?!

Have continued on with the Rowan cardi thing - need to check how I did the armholes on the back, and poss. modify the sleeve head to suit. Must take a pic, too, it hasn't made it onto the blog yet! Shame on me!

Not got a lot of MK done this weekend as we were out - will be at the Regional Guild Day in Lichfield on Saturday too so no knitting again, but at least it's MK-related! Am teaching Wendy G how to use her new machine tonight, in return for chicken tikka masala - there goes the diet again, :)

Made a dishcloth last night. 30 sts on the chunky machine, Card no1 set to double length, tucking both ways, 76 rows. Came out a bit squat (well, it's tuck) so need to maybe do 100 instead. Not bad for a first attempt though. I want to make a few of these, chuck out the old dishcloths, they've had their day.


dancingbarefoot said...

Nice button! Got a kind of hypnotic needle action going on.

knittsings said...

Love the button! I'm still struggling to learn Photoshop and Illustrator to modify clipart.