Thursday, November 23

Schadenfreude and another nearly FO!

Aargh, it's killing me, trying not to smile. The London protagonist ("Lessons I have learnt") has put on about 2st in weight, to the point where somebody thought she was wearing padded trousers, when they were in fact combats.

So, there is some justice in the world.... The main protagonist was told by a mutual colleague why I've stopped speaking to her (she had actually noticed, which was a surprise). I've gone beyond the anger and betrayal stage, I'm now at the "whatever" stage. I guess, having grown up with my father's illness I should be used to the bigotry surrounding mental health by now. But things like this still take my breath away. I'm such an innocent where other people are concerned - I treat everyone as I would wish to be treated myself, and always strive to see the good side in people even when they continue to show me the other side.

*sigh* guess I will learn, someday. Still, there's something to be said for childlike innocence - I like to think I'm open to new experiences and people.


Had a great giggle at club last night - embarrassed the poor barman talking about Eurotrash and a man who played piano with his, er, equipment!! Nearly finished the Rowan cardigan, let's hope this own design actually fits!!!

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