Monday, January 1

Experiment results, and some more bits

Happy New Year! First post of 2007!

Finally had time to be creative this holiday and I'm back to work tomorrow. Feh! This is the wide lizard ridge experiment, with the blobs centred on 40-20-0-20-40 and 50-30-10-10-30-50 respectively. Interesting, but not as "blobby" as the small pieces (see below). I'm guessing the pattern below is a multiple of 8 stitches plus 3, but I would have to test the theory. Maybe tomorrow.

It's almost a historic record of some of my yarn stash, this - from the bottom: Rowan biggy print, Mercia dusky-pink aran, some ends of Noro Kureyon, blue boucle from NEC, multi-colour DK from Helen (rockmetosleep), black boucle from NEC, snowflake DK, leftover from first year MK submission, pale pink DK from Wendy G and some dishcloth cotton as waste yarn.

Another Lizard Ridge square, my favourite colourway so far I think - no, can't remember which shade no it was, sorry. Did have grand plans to label them up and all, but it went by the wayside very quickly.

The chunky hoody for my niece. Did most of this whilst watching "Braveheart". The pattern calls for superchunky - this was two strands of aran, and still it's a bit holey. Hoping it'll look better when sewn up, which I plan to do tonight.


sandra said...

One thing is sure - looong movies are great for knitting - I did quite much while watching Lord of the Rings two nights ago!

steelbreeze said...

yes - have to make sure you don't forget to use the toilet too, those are very long films!