Sunday, January 7

More dusky pink - argh!

This cushion cover is the fruits of, ooh, about 3 hours work yesterday. The cables are loosely based on a pattern from the Brother volume 5 book, and it's worked using the ribber bed for the raised knit part. No longer keen on the colour, having worked with it lots in the last few weeks - was hoping this cushion would use it up but no such luck! The corners are scarily too pointy, perhaps I should unpick it and wash it before sewing it up. It's my second piece of MK coursework, think it will end up on Mum's bed after that.

Also in the pic - top - two rewound balls of Elle Splish Splash cotton, last yarn purchase of last year and last yarn purchase to date - going on a yarn diet this year (excepting the Noro Kureyon I'll need to buy to complete Lizard Ridge). No, I'm not committed enough to join the yarn diet things I've seen elsewhere in the Blogosphere - I just know I don't have that self-control!

Also yesterday - two samples from Sue Woolley's Double bed book - two-colour picot hem, and "flowers" - kind of a cable, but extra yarn is added for the cross by adding in four ribber needles and then immediately dropping those stitches.

And - some gratuitous kitties. These guys live in from of my monitor. The grey one was a present from my sister and is full of lentils - he used to sit on my old CRT monitor before it got pensioned off. I like the middle one best - he has a cheeky expression!

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