Thursday, January 25


Well, the recycled bag is nearing completion now! I lost the pattern for some time - well, I say lost, it was in a magazine file, but in amongst a large collection of machine knitting magazines. So I discovered I've made it about 10 rows longer - oh well, never mind! The handle holes have been created, and I have to knit another 4 rows before I can cast off. It was a lot of fun - I think I might make the next one purely out of white bags though or certainly bags of the same type. The thicker glossy bags are too much hassle to try and knit with.

Great group again last night - got Carla casted on with her first sock, not sure she isn't sick of it already though! The first few rows are a nightmare, like wrestling with a hedgehog.

Hoping to get to grips with the overlocker tonight, if I've any energy left after the gym!

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