Saturday, February 10

DBJ tribulations

Spent a good part of this afternoon trying to knit the dbj banner. Five mucked-up cast-ons later and it got going - unfortunately with a black background, which hadn't been the plan. Nevertheless, thought I'd go with the design flow. Got to about 146 after lots of hassle with stitches tucking on the ribber, and suddenly stitches started dropping and a white stripe appeared. Time to rip off the machine yet again. *sigh*

Have modified the card somewhat, with diagonal stripes to keep the front and back joined together better (partly the source of the tucking) and also added a bird's eye bottom edge, otherwise I was having to cross sts every tenth row - the back and front were not attached on the right hand edge.

Another go tomorrow. It's good practice for my final college coursework, I guess.

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