Monday, February 12

"Missoni" style zig zags

Racking pattern zig zags (using some fine yarns)

1. Set machine up with double bed colour changer, and cast on in a fine yarn (1ply – 2 ply) for full needle rib. Set ribber to half pitch
2. Set needles as follows:


3. Set MT to 4, RT to 5.
4. Set the machine for full fisherman's rib, ie tuck on MB when knitting on RB and vice versa.
5. K 1 row, rack to the right
6. K 1 row, rack to the left
7. Select new colour.
8. Repeat rows 5 and 6 as required.
9. Cast off
10. Remove from machine and pull into shape – the zigzags should appear.

This is a bit of double-bed magic, courtesy of Bill King. Attending another workshop in March, can't wait!


Curvy Creations said...

Thank you for such clear instructions.

Unknown said...

Im working on Silver reed SK 840 and the settings didn't work for out. Any idea why? Any tipps for me how to make vertical chevrons on my machines?

steel breeze said...

Hi! It's important to have the two needles out of work on the ribber every so often, otherwise nothing happens. Check your set up and keep trying! :)