Saturday, February 3

Pile knitting

Tried to have a go with pile knitting last night - it's not on my OCN course, but only because Brother machines don't really do it. The Silver Reed has a proper pile carriage. And it *is* a double bed technique - makes a kind of towelling fabric, the loops are made on the main bed then dropped, and you use pattern cards and can make "towelled" patterns.

Spent ages looking for the prong part for the carriage, thinking it was white plastic, turned out it was a piece of metal - found it eventually.

After several very messy attempts I gave up - heck, it was Friday night, and I had had a drink. I think I get the general idea - perhaps the pile thread I was using was too thick? Think I should probably have another go. It doesn't help, that I'm not all that familiar with the symbols etc in the manual - I wish it was written down instead!

Onwards and upwards!

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