Tuesday, February 13

While the cat's away...

...I shall sit here and plan some pile knitting patterns. I fancy doing lovehearts, in the leftover pink crepe stuff. Kath reckoned it was probably quite expensive, a pity it's lost its labels, no idea what it is now!

...whilst eyeing up SWTC's Karaoke in mermaid mix. Must resist, must resist! :o)


Nancy said...

I tried to reply to your e-mail but it came back to me. Here is the answer to your questions about the knitting blogs web ring:

You no longer seem to be on the ring. I'm not sure why. The ring checkers may not have been able to find the blog or perhaps you went awhile without posting.

Can you re-apply so I can get you back on?

co-list mom

Amelia said...

ANOTHER MACHINE KNITTER! YEY! ok I love the picture at the top of your blog that animated GIF is the coolest thing! did you make that? I love it.

I look forward to reading more of your blog!