Tuesday, March 20

Socking along

Decided not to make the twin to that last sock - not until I've done my coursework tension swatch, and then there'll probably not be enough cotton. Have started to make one with the pink/white/blue stuff instead.

Barcelona on Thursday, for the weekend, for my xxth birthday (let's just say, I'll be nearer to 40 than 30 after it!). Hope the snow doesn't try and follow us there!

Chinese BBQ ribs and paprika chips. Yum!

current mood: cold - just got back from the gym, and have wet hair.

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TracyKM said...

For awhile I thought your blog was down--I couldn't seem to find a link to it that worked.
Happy birthday! I remember when I turned 25 and realized that I was closer to 30 than 20, though I felt more like 20 (no job...etc). Now that I'm over 35 by a bit...you know those drug ads that say "Women over 35 should not smoke.." I realized that I'm now a 'Woman over 35" LOL.
I know nothing about the punchcards, except that 1 was supposed to be above the arrow. I don't have any blank cards/a punch so I think I need to start there. Off to see what you've been up to lately!