Wednesday, March 21

Thankyou Secret Pal!

Look what was tucked behind the drain pipe when I got home today? It's such a gorgeous colour, and it feels really nice too. I *almost* wish I wasn't going to Barcelona, so I could start working on this - Emily in shade Tantivy (Or is that the other way around?!)

I'll definitely have to find out more about this Posh Yarns place! :)


SP said...

I shop a lot from Posh Yarn, their yarn is just gorgeous! I hope you like the colors. The Emily yarn is 80 % wool, 10 % cashmere and 10 % angora.

Beverly said...

Thanks for the comment. I had a good laugh about the machine oil as the garter carriage took me through quite a few trials but no bloodletting as of yet.

Glad to know that there are other machknits out here in blogland. I rarely run across any.

I'll be checking back.