Monday, April 16

DBJ success - finally!

Well, it took three or four attempts, and some machine adjustments, but I got my first college sample done. The magenta is such a deep colour that the white parts actually look kinda pink, which is unexpected but OK. Ended up doing it with the basic 2 row stripe on the rear. I wanted to use the bird's eye backing, but the first row repeatedly hung up on the needles, and then eventually the whole thing fell apart as it was creating an unwanted tuck stitch on the wrong side. Happened three or four times - must call Kath at college, see if she's got any advice. First rule of using the lili buttons? An even number of needles on the ribber bed. Doh! I should have remembered that!

Discovered I'd missed punching two holes of the pattern, but that's been corrected now.

The weird thing was, quite a few things seemed to be loose on the machine, so things went a bit awry to start with. I suppose it's possible that the machine shakes itself a little loose at times. Either that, or it's the cat!

*He* seems to be on elastic tonight, keeps wanting to come in, then out, then in, then out. So have let him out and gone upstairs. Ha! That'll teach him!

Hmmm... I might give the bird's eye version one last try. Can't say I'm not persistant! :)


(half an hour later)

Isn't it amazing how just changing the backing has such a radical effect on the size of the swatch? They are both 40sts wide by 60rows high, at T3/3. I'm going with the one on the right - it's less holey than its mate.

Off downstairs to see if there's owt worth watching on TV. Oh, yeah, I guess I'll have to let the cat in too! :)

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