Wednesday, April 18


My recycled bag - finally! It's spent the last 4 weeks under my mattress flattening.

Excellent meeting tonight - it's lovely to hear everyone's enthusiasm! Darned a sock, sewed up the recycled bag bottom, and did a bit more crochet.

Interesting to hear Jo's ideas for the new shop. She wants me to make more recycled bags to sell - not sure how I feel about that, they are hard work on the hands! Still, I have plenty of materials left over! She might also want some workshops - knitting and crochet. That would be cool to do, as long as I make sure I get my college work done first!!!

Starting it on Saturday! Fingers crossed there's not too much swearing!

Ooh, another machine I really, really want has turned up on Ebay. Hmmmm.... it's too tempting to whip out the old credit card. G said "have I got enough room?" and the answer is no, one will have to be put away. Hmmm...... it's a really good deal and from a seller I know personally. Have to think.

Plus there are some books by a famous machine knitter. Oh, Ebay's just far too tempting. I know what Crazy Aunt Purl means when she says her credit cards vibrate, and not in a good way!!

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