Monday, April 30

Frustration, frustration

Still no further with the plan to knit up some charity hats. I'm running out of patience and good intentions!!!

Firstly I figured out why the last hat came out so small - I somehow halved the measurements. So when that was sorted, I picked what I thought was a sensible fair-isle pattern - the yarn I'm using is quite thin, so would benefit from being doubled. Alas, the pattern I picked has a few rows where the contrast yarn isn't used at all - cue disasters, falling off machine, and much cursing.

It's getting quite late now so I think I'll try again tomorrow, especially as there's some kind of football match on tomorrow so I shall be voluntarily banished upstairs. So, the yarn that does not want to leave is getting frogged again. Ho hum!

Still, I figured out how to do expandable post summaries, so that's something I guess!

current mood: determined and just a little confused

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