Saturday, April 21

More FOs

Another Lizard Ridge square. This one is kind of autumn-y

A charity tee top in bottle green aran. Got enough for another one I think. Some yarn Mum donated to me. Isn't it weird, yarn attracts more yarn?

Back of the striped baby cardigan - finished both fronts yesterday and made a start on the first sleeve

After about 6 hours of machine knitting, a few false starts, some swearing, and a blistered hand from so much knitting, the DBJ top is done! Click through for a bigger image! Took me from about 9.30 am to 3.30 pm to do. The sleeves were knitted upside-down, so the pattern card was turned accordingly.

Tom: "Punchcards? We don't need no steenking punchcards!"

Now, I have back-ache and blisters and those cramps, so I think I deserve a nice hot bath!

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