Sunday, May 6


Maybe I should just stick to hand-knitting. My brain obviously can't cope with even the simplest math

I've just spent the best part of the day working on my first ever design for MKM magazine, a stripey top. I got up to the slash neck, 18 rows rib, should've been easy. Alas, some stitches had got caught around the gatepegs, so big mess at that end. Just got it all set up, ready to run the rib again, and thought I'd just count the stitches and check the width (bearing in mind I've knitted about 1800 rows here!). I've got 105 stitches.

It was supposed to be 155.

What kind of doofus leaves out 50 stitches?! It'll never fit a woman unless they're of the Kylie Minogue/Kate Moss ilk and have no curves whatsoever.

Guess I could use it as a tension swatch.

Totally fed-up with myself!!


Oh, and thinking I'd do at least something useful today I got the shower curtain and pole out. No shower curtain hooks. Feh!

Mebbes I should just go back to bed! Ha!

Current mood: angry with myself

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