Sunday, May 20

Free pattern: Crocheted headphone covers

G wears headphones a lot in the office, as he has a preference for very heavy metal music that I don't share, and also for widdling about on his guitar, which can get annoying after the first hour or so! :) However, the original foam pads eventually perished, so he asked me to knit some covers. I figured crochet would be far quicker, as it's really easy to crochet in the round! So here's my pattern...

Yarn: I used two ends of 3ply, so a thin DK would do
Hook: 3.5mm
Note: These stitches are in the UK terminology. US folk: For tr, read dc, and for dc, read sc

Round 1: Make 5 ch, sl st into first ch to make into a loop
Round 2: Ch 3, work 15 tr into the ch loop made previously. Sl st into top of 3ch to join
Round 3: Ch 4, [1tr, 1ch,] 15 times, sl st into 3rd chain of first 4 ch to join
Round 4: Ch 1, work 7 dcs as follows: 2 dcs into a ch loop, 1 dc into the top of a tr, ch 1, sl st into next 9 sts, work 8 dcs as before, sl st into next 9 sts to beginning of round, ch 1, sl st into first ch st to join

Omit round 4 if your headphones aren't elliptical. I tried to make them fit without this row, and they were just too tight.

Round 5: Ch 3, work a tr into every st. Sl st into top of 3 ch loop to join.

Add more rows here if the work is still too small - you need it a little bit too small, though, so that it will stretch and stay on.

This row is the decreasing row, to make a "lip" to fit the covers over the headphones

Round 6: Ch 3, work decreasing tr (dec tr) as follows:

Yo, insert hook into first chain, yo, pull through 1st loop, yo, pull through 2 loops, yo, insert hook into next chain, yo, pull through 1st loop, yo, pull through 2 loops, yo, pull through all loops. This makes two tr into one stitch, kind of like a K2 tog.

Work dec tr into every st. Sl st into top of first 3 ch loop to join.

Break yarn, pull through last loop. Sew in ends.

You may need to modify this pattern somewhat to suit your headphones.


Joanne said...

Awesome! I was just lamenting how my favorite headphones still totally work but the covers are shredded and how I hate that I have to buy new ones just to get the covers. Then I thought of crocheting them myself, but my skills aren't that great to figure it out. I'm so glad I googled for a pattern! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

thank you for making this pattern available. while i'm not much of a crochet-er, i'd rather make a pair knowing they'll last than pay more than a pair of headphones for new covers.
thanks again!