Tuesday, May 29

Crocheted sample and charity knitting

Some finished objects, and a test crochet piece...

A bunch of charity tees, to go to Guidepost's Knit for Kids. I've got another two unfinished, but will send these now before the parcel gets too heavy. The dark one is actually bottle green, doesn't photograph too well.

My test sample in Rowan cotton

This shawl is from Rowan Classic Holiday Spring Summer 2005, and is called Carnival. Nope, I didn't use the right yarn, who has Rowan tape or cashsoft lying around? I just wanted to test the pattern, it's really really easy and is crocheted in a spiral. Think it might become a coaster or something. Or go into the freeform blanket bag!

I love spirals and interesting constructions. Ok, time for bed!

As always, click for a bigger picture


Julie said...

That shawl is really pretty and a nice photo too!

Iris said...

Hi there, just thought I'd say hello after my prolonged absence. How are you doing? We should try to meet up again at some point!