Wednesday, May 2

Knitting meme

1. What is your favourite cast-on?

HK: Cable, 'cause it's the only one I know currently
MK: Latch tool

2. What is your favourite stitch?

HK: Linen stitch
MK: DBJ, though I've yet to master it on the Silver Reed

3. What are your favourite needles?

HK: My Denise interchangeables
MK: The ones in the machine, haha!

4. What is your favourite project?

HK: Probably socks
MK: The lizard ridge afghan, natch

5. What is your least favourite project?

HK/MK: Anything with massive swathes of stocking stitch in

6. What is your favourite cast-off?

HK: I like the scandinavian one
MK: Latch-tool

7. What are your favourite yarns?

Anything variegated or loud, slubby, lumpy-bumpy - anything novelty

8. What are your least favourite yarns?

Nylon. Ack!

9. What are your favourite colours?

I like all colours in moderation, but esp. cobalt blue, hot pink, red, purple

10. What are your least favourite colours?

On their own - orange, green or brown. But pastel shades are OK.

Yolanda Gypsy, Mandy, Julie, you are *so* tagged!

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