Tuesday, May 1

One-row stripes

I found this on one of the MK mailing lists, and I'm sorry but I can't credit it to anyone because I forgot who suggested, so apologies!

To knit a one-row stripe in another colour, work as follows:

Put card 1 into the machine, and lock. Card 1 is this one:


  1. Stop knitting when you have one row of the previous colour to knit.
  2. Select KC on the carriage, knit one row.
  3. Release card, change yarn, put both part buttons on.
  4. K 2 rows.
  5. Select NL on carriage and change yarn for original or next yarn.
What this does is to knit every other stitch in the contrast colour, and then every *other* stitch on the way back, thus creating a one-row stripe.

Simple, huh?!


Anonymous said...

Great idea for knitting 1 row stripes. I have been MKing for many years and I have never seen this tip before.


Dawnybros said...

Such a good idea. Does anyone know how would you do that on a Knitmaster/Studio/Silver Reed/Singer 700 though?

Many thanks. :)