Thursday, May 24

Yarn, lovely yarn...

Picture 050
Picture 050,
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This was last night's haul from Elmore-Pisgah, and the main reason I've dropped the KFYS button. I can no longer live a lie!! :)


Knitman said...

Ooo...naughty....but nice!

SP said...

I failed my yarn diet also. I was supposed to knit only from stash, but on Friday I visited this site again:
and it was my downfall. I bought 7 balls.

I don't know if you have ever tried German online shops for sock yarn, but the yarns are a lot cheaper than in UK. One ball of Opal Uni costs 5.99 £ in Get Knitted, but only 3.8 £ in Marianne's Opalwolle. And the German shipping costs are quite low.

Because you are no longer on stash diet, I can tell they speak fluent English in the shop *evil grin*