Wednesday, June 13

Bits n' bobs...

Some miscellaneous pictures...

Some "dropped stitch" tools - made from scrapped machine needles, and a bit of Fimo. They went like hot cakes at Knit Wits tonight, I must make some more! The needles are great for picking up dropped stitches - latch tools are about £2-3 to buy, it's just the needles aren't good enough for my machine, which is fussy.

The lace in it's current state. 2.5 repeats.

Just to prove not everything on my windowsill dies. Ok, somebody at work donated this cactus, and each flower only lasts a day, so thought I'd better snap it while I could.

Feeling headachey, sinus-bunged (!?) and hoarse. Hope I'm not coming down with something!

Current mood: sick

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