Monday, June 11

End of an era

Completely forgot to mention, that Wednesday was also my last ever day at college. I went in to show the tutor my work - all OK. Labelled everything and left it there ready for exhibiting next week. I wonder if I dare chuck a sicky and go in to photograph it?! It was such a lovely display last year. The fees and course cut-backs will have a serious effect on the quantities, though.

Anyway, I had a bit of a play on the Passap E6000. I didn't realise it would be the last week, otherwise I might have brought it forward - as it was, it was hard to get the tutor's help, with everyone running around like headless chickens, trying to finish up and mucking about with photoshop. Nevertheless I got a good feel for the machine - not sure quite how I feel about letting a dumb computer take charge of telling me how to cast on for 1x1 rib, but there were certainly no casting on problems as can occur with japanese machines. I did 1x1 rib and fisherman's rib. We made an attempt to do some double-sided colourwork, but I suspect one of the yarns was too thick, and after half an inch it came a cropper, and alas, by then, it was time to pack up. I enjoyed using the Passap enough to want one, but size and cost will always be an issue. The only place left in the house (apart from putting one of the others away) would be the attic, which has no windows, and currently no plug sockets. And I wouldn't fancy getting it up there in the first place, although I imagine the legs must come off or something!

I would have photographed my Passap swatches, but 1x1 rib is not very exciting, and the colourwork... didn't. I wonder if I can lean on someone to let me have a go on their Passap? Dammit, I've got the taste for them now. A true double-bed machine. Just think of the pretty colours!

Sold my lovehearts dbj jumper to one of the students for £1. Well, it was donated yarn, I can always make another. Hopefully with less mistakes!

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