Saturday, June 23

Yet Another Machine

Yep, yet another knitting machine is coming to live in my home...

It's a Passap E6000 in pristine condition, courtesy of Wendy P (I'd put a link here but I think she's blog-less!). I went to go and look at it today. Despite a bout of beeping, she got it going eventually, and I was impressed by both the speed and the output - a bit of DBJ and a lovely tucked pattern. It has a 4 colour changer, and best of all, a motor - so I can set it off and get on with one of the manual machines. I'm sure the Cog will say it's cheating, but I don't care.

I need to rearrange my knitting room to accomodate this metal monster. Been thinking about this all day - I can't really pack the Brother 260 up as I am still finishing the Lizard Ridge afghan, and anyway it's useful for all the charity tee jumpers I turn out. I'm still intending to get to grips with the Silver Reed 840, so that has to stay. Apart from the fact that it currently has something on the needles, anyway! So, sorry, Brother 836, but you're going to be packed up! Means no garter carriage use for a while, but I can live with that. I might pack and label it as I do it, as it's probably the machine I'll take to the MK Dream Week.

To be fair, in a pinch, I could have all four machines up, it'd just make it hard to move in that room and I'm going to be doing some sewing soon so I need access to my little craft table for that. I need a bigger house! I asked the Cog if there was any chance of building a conservatory - I don't think the answer will be in the positive!

The machine is being delivered on Saturday. I'm so excited I can hardly think! :) I have visions of reversible afghans for Feed the Children with all that accumulated yarn in the attic. If I use it all up, I can justify getting more, ha ha! :)

I also got a big box load of old KM magazines. Some of the patterns are vintage ones. Twin-set, anybody? I think I will probably put them on Ebay for charity - I don't need two copies of MKM. I've currently got some modern hand-knitting magazines for sale on Ebay, but so far only one's been bid on. Bah!

Did a bit of weeding in the garden and rediscovered a fuschia, growing despite being swamped with grass. Let's hope it flourishes now I've cleared the weeds back a bit! Also yanked up a bramble trying to get established at the side of the garden. The neighbours at that point have a wild garden, and it's trying to get into ours! Huh!

Finished the weeding, came in and the heavens opened, so that was a lucky escape. Made another charity tee with the purple yarn of luridness. So much faster on a knitting machine.

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Susan said...

Now that looks like one complicated machine but I bet you'll be an expert with it in no time.

dancingbarefoot said...

Ooh, a fancy new machine! Have fun learning to use it. :)

I just got an old, incomplete Passap Duomatic at a thrift shop for $15. Couldn't pass it up for that price, even if it's missing parts. Can't wait to learn to use it, but I think it's going to have to wait until I can afford replacement parts.