Thursday, July 26

MK Challenge: Passap day 3

Yep, it's certainly a challenge...

...especially as yours truly has really only skimmed the instructions for this machine. I think I have it figured a bit now. The annoying thing so far is that when you make a slip up, eg you move the locks in the wrong direction to drop the yarn, the computer gets its knickers in a knot and makes you go through the whole cast on process again. However, I've discovered tonight that if you set the locks to GX/GX (free move), agree with everything and don't pick up any yarn, you can fool it that you've started again when in reality you've done nothing except set it up again.

I've fallen in love with the tuck stitch patterns this machine can do. This was going really well with the purple 'til it ran out, but the beige is some sort of linen and not nearly stretchy enough. Cue some nasty sounding bangs when an errant stitch refused to knit off. Yes, this sample is as 3D as it looks. And in a 1ply yarn, too!

I started to cast it off, but decided I couldn't be bothered, it's getting late, and this is just me playing about. The pattern was supposed to be slow waves, a lot closer together, but this is quite cool too. I need to read up on the "altering patterns" section, because I obviously didn't input it quite correctly.

Also I've discovered it's a reaallllly bad idea to attempt to use the black pushers (single bed work) when you're knitting on both beds. Took a while to extricate myself from that one, I can tell you! Luckily I'm not the sort to force a machine to do something - for one thing, I'm not strong enough to do any serious damage.

Right, time for some shut eye!

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