Friday, July 6

MK Challenge

Dancing Barefoot is working her way through the Brother punchcard combinations, and issued a challenge. If I can find the time, I want to work through all the gadgets I have bought for the Silver Reed machine. So far I have:

  • Knitleader
  • Shadow transfer tool
  • Transfer carriage
  • Garter bar
  • AW1 weaving arm
  • Intarsia carriage

I also need to get more familiar with its workings, and that of the Passap. Shouldn't be too tricky, as my most familiar machine has now been packed away. The thought of spending an hour rearranging knitting machines and setting up should be enough to curb my desire to go back to the familiar. But it'll have to be an ongoing thing, as I am trying to learn to sew a beanbag too!

So many projects, so little time!


The cashmere pashmina is knitted! 732 rows in 1x1 rib at T6/6, a row at 8/8, latch-tool cast off. I was about to start weaving in ends, and fringing, but my sister called, and anyway it was getting quite late. I'm quite pleased with it, although it would have been nice to be able to make it in FNR which would have been wider. I was using every needle I could as it was. The lower edge is a bit wibbly, but I think I will fringe both short ends anyway. The only edge now causing concern is the colour-changer edge - there are 4 row loops all along between yarn changes. I think I will have to work a row of crochet or something to neaten them up. Not sure I'm going to have enough yarn for all this! Maybe I could make the fringe in a different colour? *sigh* I dunno. I did get more than enough yarn, but I used a different pattern because I couldn't do FNR, so it's likely it's used more yarn that I expected. We shall see!

Anyway - some kind of record for shortest project, surely? Three evenings, not consecutive, and it's done, bar the finishing. Genius!

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