Sunday, July 22

MK Dream Week

Got my Dream Week course list - I've picked felted knitting, wire jewellery, passap bits n' pieces, chunky yarns on a std gauge machine, and a few others.

I'm really excited now! I've just played the Passap E6000 Home Tutor video through, and it seems pretty easy to do a lot of complex things with this machine. Some of the jumpers at the end are gorgeous, if poss. a little loud for the toned-down "noughties"!

Metropolitan also run a Passap week in October, which I may well book if the Cog doesn't pull his finger out and organise a holiday! Have to check my holiday dates, not sure how many days I've got left.

And, just for once, the sun is shining and the skies are blue. Gotta pop out and get some groceries, and then - the day is our lobster - apols. to Hilda Ogden!

Current mood: happy

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