Saturday, July 21

Neon blanket

Mandy, look here, this is what happened to the last of that neon acrylic...

DK-weight yarns (mostly acrylic) knitted at T3, 1x1 rib on the Brother 260 gauge. All needles, 300 rows, two strips. I reckon this makes a decent blanket for a child (although I could add a third strip, I have to measure it first, see if I need more). I used up the last of the Emily, too. It's such a nice feel, that yarn, I had to share it with someone else! =)

Why is the left-most strip not as wide as the right one? Guess who forgot to set the ribber carriage lever from II to I after doing the cast on?! Shows you what a difference it makes!

I just put these together with my Hague linker 20 minutes ago.

Oh, and here's a post about the world's biggest stash. Thanks to Jean for the heads-up. G reluctantly admitted I hadn't got that much yarn in comparison. "But I bet you want that much, don't you?" he said. Um, no, actually, I don't. There's only so much yarn and equipment you can get into a spare bedroom, and I think I've pretty much filled mine, not to mention two more bags of cones in the attic. I reckon I've got more than I could knit up in the next 10 years, at least. The yarn always seems to go much further than I expect!

In other news, I won this on Ebay a fortnight ago, more yarn from Yarntree House. It's beautiful wool, in lovely autumnal shades, and I've swatched some this morning. I sense a long v-necked tunic with side slits coming on! :)

Knitting to do:

  • Make two pairs of socks for Jo (started)
  • Sew up charity tees and blankets made last weekend
  • Make a Passap "neckline" border for both ends of the raspberry ripple blanket
  • Add a strap to Murphy's bag
  • Buy beans and finish the bean bag
  • Tackle some of the UFOs
Not much chance this afternoon, though - we are off to buy G some decent trousers and shirts for work. Expecting much grousing about the poor fit of men's shirts (G has a thick neck).

Current mood: determined

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Anonymous said...

Great blanket. And I love your Ebay purchase! Looks very tactile!

And OK, while you may not want all that yarn, what would you pay for a couple of hours to browse through that room and maybe make an offer on some of it??!!!