Friday, August 17

MK Challenge: Passap day 4

Well, I wasn't in a very good mood last night...

Had a day working for an engineer that never seemed clear on what he wanted, but when he saw my nearly finished design, it WASN'T THAT. Completely fed up by the time I finished (we got there eventually).

Anyway G was out for the evening so I cranked up the Passap again and tried another tuck stitch pattern. And I did my first ever cast off on the Passap! Probably I did it wrong (I transferred everything to the back bed then did a transfer tool cast off), but it came out OK.

Couldn't figure out why picture 1 didn't look like the pattern in the book. Wasn't til I turned it over to display my finished braid (picture 2) that I suddenly realised it's the less textured side that is pictured in the book. Doh! See what I'm like when I'm in a grump?! I also managed to rip the button off my trousers making myself further work. Oh well!

Took several attempts to get it going - I can't tell which patterns are double-bed and which single, so I don't know which strippers to select until I get there. Perhaps a dry run would save some time next time (don't load any yarn up).

Wednesday I sewed up the last charity tee I'll be doing for a bit, and made inroads on the Lasso top. It looks like it might well fit, but it looks odd on me. I'm wondering if I should lengthen the straps a bit (they're just garter stitch). We shall see.

Current mood: exhausted

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