Sunday, August 5

Socks and sunburn

Finished the adult size pair of socks for Jo...

...and am cracking on with a toddler-sized blue one now. Finished the 10th repeat of the SP10 lace scarf (don't think it's long enough for a scarf, but maybe I'll just keep going 'til the yarn runs out). Finished the Colinette lasso top (just needs making up).

Sorted things out with my work colleague - she hadn't mentioned she was planning on paying for my time, too! Have offered to make her a pair from some leftover sock oddments, so the yarn will technically cost nothing, and I let her rummage through my oddments bag. She picked the multi-green and the hand-painted I got at the NEC, quite a nice contrast. Not decided yet if I will do two-row stripes, or alternate the colours for heel, toe and welt. Might ask her first, see what she thinks. She's a size 2 which will make the foot quite a bit shorter.

The weather's finally improved in the UK - been sitting out in the garden, and think I may have got a little sunburnt. Oops! G booked us a week in Zante for the end of Sept. yesterday so perhaps I should try and get my skin ready for the heat! Staying in a self-catering place overlooking the sea, looks fantastic! And we're going to Finland at the end of the month, too, so that should be good! I need a holiday!

Current mood: hot

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