Wednesday, September 19

Helping a newbie

Met a lovely lady at the NEC who wanted a crash-course on how to use her Brother machine, so I popped in after work last night. Alas, I got off the motorway one junction too early, and ended up caught up in rush-hour tailbacks. D has a Brother 710 - the old pushbutton machine. I couldn't figure out how to get the patterning mechanism working, but despite a flat sponge bar it did knit. D was overjoyed!

When I got home last night the neighbour popped in with my Yarn Treehouse order, so in short order I ran off two sleeves and sewed the line of the V neck. It was getting late by then so I didn't really feel up to any cutting of knitting by then! It'll have to wait until next week now I think! Tonight I'm at knitting club and tomorrow night I'll be packing for Zante!

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