Thursday, September 13

Waiting for the yarn

Completed the front and back of the pastel wool jumper (yes, you're right, I *should* update my sidebar!). Realised I will have to cut and sew the front v-neck, otherwise the colours will go out of synch. Damn these space-dyed yarns! Not sure I am brave enough to use the overlocker/serger, think I might just zig-zag stitch with my sewing machine and cut by hand. Only got one ball left of each of the pastel and primary colours, so all is stopped until I receive my order from Michigan.

For some reason my brain thought that knitting group started at 7.30pm last night, not 7, so I was a little surprised to find 15-odd people there already. The senility has started early. Quick, nurse, the screens! Kellie made a surprise appearance, and we had four or five new members. Must print out new membership sheets!

Now making the thumb of a fingerless glove. It's a weird pattern - all the increases are on one side, and I had to frog the first four rows as a great big hole had formed at the base of the thumb, which I had no intention of sewing back up!

Gained a lovely ball of white yarn last night, it's got bits of multi-coloured roving twisted into it at intervals. Will post pic later! I'd love to know what this yarn is, so I could buy some more!

Squeaky sec and the BAS (Boyfriend Advsory Service) are fully operational again. Somebody save me!

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