Thursday, October 18

93 cones of yarn on the "wall"...

Ok, photographed and uploaded 93 odd cones and balls (skeins) onto Ravelry. Now I just need to tackle the attic - gotta go up there anyway as I need to get my spare machine knitting table down again. Perhaps I should keep it downstairs? It'd certainly be easier!

Turned the heel in the blue sock. 58 rows was about right, allowing for the fact that the pair I'm measuring against has been tumble-dried a few times by He-who-shall-not-be-named.

Went pub-hunting last night and I think we settled on the Town Crier as the best option - big pub, v quiet, good lighting, easy walking distance of the carpark and NO TV!! Plus tea, coffee and curry if required!

New member last night - Veda, an indian lady, who needed help dividing the neck of a peach lacy top. I think we got her sorted out!

Very into felting at the moment. I've still some Yarn Treehouse wool left, I might try and make a different design, more of a shopping bag design, this time - luckily I measured the last swatch before felting. Have negotiated 4 balls of Noro Kureyon for another project, the french market bag featured in Knitty some time ago.

Shattered today for some reason.

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